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Topic subjectFree your hair....
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23510, Free your hair....
Posted by nushooz, Wed Jun-07-00 07:57 AM
and the rest will follow

Me? No, hair! Love it! The abscence of hair has allowed me kinds of freedom that are too much to speak of in a post. THIS IS FOR ME!

I ain hatin on women who prefer to perm. Hell, I used to be one of them!

Impressions? It's hard to say. I got hit on more after I cut my hair. But by lesbians? NO. I guess my "strictly dick-ly" attitude preceeds me. :D

Where you are with your hair is about the same as where you are in your spirituality/with your God. And that's a little hard to explain, too. But if you FREE YOUR HAIR (and free your mind regarding your hair) the rest will indeed follow!

Live from the Shoe Sto'
I,I, I Can't Wait!