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Topic subjectFunny thing about 1st impressions
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23505, Funny thing about 1st impressions
Posted by nappiness, Wed Jun-07-00 06:17 AM
i don't know what's worse me being having no or little hair, or be having locks. i now have locks that are a little over shoulder length, i have an eye ring, a tattoo of africa, and i am not a stickler for fashion (neat, clean, comfortable, and ironed is my philosophy). with this said i get varying responses from people but the most interesting response is when i am in a setting with 'so-called' professionals or in the presence of bourgie Black folks (shouldn't use words if you can't spell them *smile*). They are often surprised or amazed when they find out i have a masters degree and that my head is screwed on tight. i don't react b/c their disbelief or insecurities are their problems not mine. often it's hilarious and i let them know that they are my entertainment. i say, don't sweat the small stuff, do yo thang and be yo'self. and if you dare to be different be confident in your decision and hold yo head up high. but i do think that if you are not 'the perceived' norm, don't get upset when someone has something to say; ya know how Black folks are.
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