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Posted by guest, Wed Jun-07-00 05:51 AM
i agree- i don't see my decision to remain natural as some manifesto against the system and all my permed sisters are leading the life of the wicked- Hey some of my relatives have perms-

but really- there was a phase for me like that, but i got over it real quick- (i'd like to think so) for me it was more of a defense to all the questions and condescending comments i received from family members, etc.

but - i'm not hatin' on nobody- cause a lot of times their style is just fashion not a call to action- and that's how it goes when you live in a society that appropriates the 'underground' and makes it mainstream so that the subversive message that could or could not have been intended has been subverted- i don't think this is a conscious process it's just the way capitalism works- (does capitalism really fit here, i just like blaming a lot of things on it)


what if rosa parks had a car?
jesus christ was a superstar-
didn't imitate escobar
rosa parks had a car
-jazz poet's society