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Posted by odu, Wed Jun-07-00 11:50 AM
Hair texture, like your choice of clothing and the food that you eat, represent your outlook on life. I refuse to believe that someone who is completely comfortable with the natural texture of their (African) hair would then pump it full of damaging chemicals that sting, burn and straighten your coils into submission. If you choose to go through the process, conscious of all that it means to our history as a people, then it makes me suspicious of your commitment to the cause of unity. It says to me that your pride in your biological and cultural heritage is subordinate to what the dominant culture finds acceptable.

But I ain't mad atcha, 'cause we all gotta do what's right for us. I hate the fact that people go to salons to grow their locks, for instance. Why the fuck would you go to fabricate with beeswax and hair glue something that is supposed to be a representation of your love for your natural self? Locks grow naturally on Black folks hair; that is the purpose of growing them. If you have to go and get them "started", or want to style them this way or that, just be aware of the fact that you're no different from the white or Asian cat that pays $400 for his 'do. If it's about a style for you, then that's fine, but don't get all self-righteous about "white Rastas" when you're rocking store-bought locks your damn self.

I feel similarly about folks who don't use the term "African American" because its "vague", yet have no problem tagging the term "African" on anybody from the continent, regardless of their culture, region of origin, religion etc. If I'm an "African", why aren't you an "African American"? That one's for you, BooDah.