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Topic subjectRE: i'm a revolutionary w/a relaxer!
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23497, RE: i'm a revolutionary w/a relaxer!
Posted by odu, Wed Jun-07-00 04:17 AM
"Is every nigga wit dreads for the cause?
Is every nigga wit gold for the fall? Naw.
So don't get caught up in appearance..."

Can't front though, a sister with a perm would give me pause if she was talking about Pan-Africanism and Black Unity. Just like I have to look sideways at Rev. Al Sharpton, though I respect him, or any Black politician/"leader" with an "other" rather than a sista as his partner.

Y'all women with the bald look (and the short natural 'do) look hella sexy. No lie. I was out in Brooklyn for the DanceAfrica celebration last weekend, and I was glad I was wearing some loose-fitting stuff...