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Topic subjectHair-Identity-Beauty--1st Impressions are a Bitch
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23493, Hair-Identity-Beauty--1st Impressions are a Bitch
Posted by nappiness, Tue Jun-06-00 06:37 PM
Image......Self worth..... Loving all that you are. That's an age old topic for Black women. everything we do there's a mental component to it. a few years ago i wrote a poem after i cut all of my hair off. white women thought i was a lesbian and black women wondered if i was going to relax it when it grew back.
"first impressions are a bitch. just b/c a sistah has a relaxer should i assume she hates herself, just b/c a sistah has a head full of locks should i assume she's a revolutionary, just b/c a sistah has a fade should i assume she licks clits......hair-identity-beauty,,,,,first impressions are a bitch"
i think that beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder but it is in each and every one of our eyes, b/c 'to thy ownself by true'. being true to self means that you love yourself and accept yourself, all of yourself, every flaw. not looking at your flaws as something bad but as a love tap from God.
Nappiness is next to Godliness!!!
"To thy ownself be true"
Ms. Nappiness