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23431, some notes on your example:
Posted by bluetiger, Thu Jul-27-00 11:58 AM
I have always read that the year for the Nicean Council was in 423 CE. The council also assembled and edited the series of books now considered to be the Bible. They purposely left out any references to Jesus' teenage years or personal life. They left out books such as the Gospel of Barnabas (which is supposedly written by the disciple Simon) because it offers a differing eyewitness account on the crucifixion. Paul's book was included even thought he had never seen or met Jesus (Paul's version of Christianity is commonly practiced). They also left out the Gospel of Thomas which is the largest collection of the teachings/sayings/philosophy of Jesus. The Council also set about incorporating pagan holidays and practices into Christianity in order to increase converts.

Thanks for reading. I love you.

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