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Topic subjectEach person must charter their own journey
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23427, Each person must charter their own journey
Posted by guest, Thu Jul-27-00 08:25 AM
through a spiritual path.

I've done much reading, and I've concluded that most religions are designed to cater to those people who find it in their best interests, and it does not always deal with common sense or factual documentation.

The one thing that gets me about most religions is that the people involved in them disassociate themselves from nature and the rest of the world.
What about trees, do they get to go to heaven?

All I can say is that I can't prove/ nor disprove that some of my textual findings are foolproof.

"Maybe that's why I'm so exhausted
as a revolutionary
I realize I can't save everyone
I'm trying to save myself
and I'm afraid"- Pamela Sneed