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Topic subjecteasy targets ?
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23419, easy targets ?
Posted by fabulous, Thu Jul-27-00 08:29 AM
>I just find
>it interesting that everytime religion
>comes up people want to
>dog Christianity and no other

I was going to type a whole post on why Christianity & Christians are easy targets, but here's the boiled down version:

1) there are SO many of us (so I give away which side of the fence I'm on)... one of the top 5 religions worldwide in terms of # of people who claim it (truly practicing is a different story.. but that's for another post)

2) the belief we have about Christ being the only way to God... in general, people on both sides have a real problem dealing with exclusivity

3) our belief that we've been commissioned to spread the good news about Christ and lead others to follow Him... people (a) don't like being told they are wrong & (b) feel like those who spread the news are infringing upon a very personal part of their lives (which we do when we're overzealous)

4) and pretty much everything janey said in paragraphs 3-6 in her post (#10) applies (Burb, I think you said some of the same things, though)


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