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Topic subjectI'm a Biblist.........
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23417, I'm a Biblist.........
Posted by BurbKnight, Thu Jul-27-00 05:01 AM
I follow the bible (and to me it is the Word of God) ......

a lot of folks read into Christianity the wrong way. Folks dog the Christian faith and have never even looked at a bible. They just go on what they have seen on TV or what they have seen in church.

People don't relize that Christians are people, they are still sinners like everyone else. SOme Christians think that since they are Christians that they are better than everyone else. Those type of people you have to overlook.

I noticed a lot of people on these boards, denounce the Christian faith (not saying you, but a lot of people) because of the way the church was ran or the people they have interacted with. People can't do that!!!!!!!!! Because they are dealing with a people, which means they are imperfect.

That is why I have decided to follow the bible instead of what people say. I still hear what the pastor says, but I test his words with the bible and if he contradicts the words of the bible, than he is wrong not the bible.

It's all a matter of faith, and if you are a naturalist that is fine with me, but I just find it interesting that everytime religion comes up people want to dog Christianity and no other religion.


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