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Topic subjectRE: Religion is Wack!
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23406, RE: Religion is Wack!
Posted by guest, Thu Jul-27-00 09:00 PM
It was a program on ABC called "In Search For Jesus." Peter Gennings went to Jeruselum and visited people, landmarks, churches, in search for the REAL Jesus. One example of a possible truth is that the way Jesus is depicted in art with nice long brown hair, a shaped beard, blue eyes and pale white skin is false. Jesus was probably medium to a little dark-skinned (i.e-Arabian men) with a rather rugged look. Also, a lot of what was professed about him in the Bible was broken down and taken to a level that would place Jesus' life within history, and using the manner of the times. It was really good and informative. Maybe you could order it form abcnews.com.

There is some really good programming concerning the Bible. There was one on A&E that showed the life of Mary Magdalene. She was actually depicted as a totally different person than what the Bible says that she was. They say that she was probably a very close friend of Jesus and preached herself. She was a follower of Jesus and served an important role in his inner circle. Mary was a holy woman that spread the word of God and did great things with her life after the death of Jesus, scholars said. She was not a prostitute as was thought. You should really check some of this out. Contextual reading of the Bible turns everything around and unmasks the sugar coatting.