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Topic subjectRE: Religion is Wack!
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23404, RE: Religion is Wack!
Posted by guest, Wed Jul-26-00 09:54 PM
There are a lot of holes in the info provided by the Catholic/Christian faith. Unlike many Christians, I know a few things about the faith I was raised with. In an ABC program, info about the life of Jesus was examined and put into perspective taking the contexual stand. In analyzing the life of Jesus, realistically, instead of being the great mover of crowds, a miracle-worker and an inspiration to many as is taught, the program made it seem as though he was as much a nuisance and as crazy as a crackhead.

Scholars pointed out that his miracles were most likely fabricated so that people would see what they could GET out of the religion. Religions were competing for followers and would say anything to get them. It seemed to me more like a business than spiritual guidance. They had all sorts of speculations about his life, from where he was really born, how he looked, to the question of whether he was even buried on Good Friday.

I too do not follow any religions, though I have gone to Catholic schools all my life. In watching educational programs, I see that 99% of what I believed as a child was not true, right down to Jesus' color of skin. I can't follow Catholicism, it has too many things that can't be explained. It's not that I want to be omniscient, but I want to feel as though a religion is a pretty solid faith to stand behind. I do not like to pin myself to any faith, but I am trying to be a more spiritual person, so Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism are appealing to me. I try not to focus on Christianity to much because I get frustrated with all the things that I do not understand and all the things that were added to the religion to gain followers. I have to sort truth from falsehood.

I think that people feel that they need religion sometimes. They need something to believe. Praying to saints and having all kinds of sacred articles give people a feeling that someone is looking out for them. They are loved. But truth to me is sometimes stronger than faith. The Bible says "blessed are those who do not see, yet believe" but that to me is just blind faith.
This is a continuous issue with me and I'm glad you brought it up.

God/Allah/Buddha/Vishnu/Tao/Guru Bless,