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Topic subjectReligion is Wack!
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23403, Religion is Wack!
Posted by illosopher, Wed Jul-26-00 07:22 PM
I don't follow any religion for it is an institution based on rule over people. I'll use Christianity as an example: The spiritual philosophy of Christ and the Dogma of Christianity are two different things. Christianity as we know it was created buy the despot Constatine, Emperor of Rome. He held te infamous Nicene Council, circa 323 AD. At this meeting he gathered many Christian scholars and monks etc., to decide the future of the faith. At the time there was no uniform doctrine. Constatine took it upon himself to chart the course of Christanity. He decreed the sabbath day be moved to Sunday. He decreed that Jesus was God on Earth, a very interesting idea being that many Christian scholars in noy the majority considered Jesus a prophet along the lines Moses and Muhhammad. All the mmebers of this symposium who argued that Jesus was a man and not God were removed from the council. He further transformed the holy from man woman and child to the sexist and patriarchal: father, son and the holy ghost. He also made Christanity the state religion even he had been a persecutor of Christians most of his life. I believe he took these steps to control and pacify the people by watering down a potential revolutionary ideology. I'm saying this to shit on Christians, but i think cats need to know more about the history of what they practice. But i think all religions are flawed any HolyBook that begins like this is the word of God i have problem with. Me myself i am a Taoist it is not a religion it is a spritual philosophy based the nature of the universe. If your sprituality and knowledge of world conflict your are in trouble.

I think science and religion should be one...
religion-way of life
science-study of life