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Topic subjectSpiritual Connections
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23402, Spiritual Connections
Posted by guest, Sun Jul-23-00 04:13 AM
This is a great thread. I've been reading some responses as to why some people gravitate towards Kemetian and not West African Spiritual practices. The fact is that during my casual "study" of different belief systems: Tao, I-Ching, Ifa, etc.--there IS a connection between all of these, believe it or not.

As far as MY choice, the reason why I seem to gravitate towards Kemetian spiritual practices, instead of Yoruban (or anything else) is because my thinking was, "let me find the OLDEST spiritual practice known to mankind." The oldest spiritual practice known to humans is Kemetian spirituality. And I'm not trying to be braggadocious and spiritual-centric. It's just a fact.

Since I'm about facts, a great book to read would be entitled, The Religion of the Yorubas: Being an account of the religious beliefs and practices of the Yoruba peoples of Southern Nigeria. Especially in relation to the religion of ancient Egypt. (long title, huh?) Author: J. Olumide Lucas. Publisher: Athelia Henrietta Press, Inc., Brooklyn, New York (1996).

This author has his facts together. Everything he puts forth has SEVERAL DIFFERENT references. And the entire book is a parallel of Yoruba to the ancient Kemetic spiritual practices. This book is dope. This author is a wordsmith. He breaks down all the gods' names and makes a connection. He has a chapter entitled, "Survival of Hieroglyphics, emblems and other symbols: Historical connection of the Ife relics with Ancient Egypt." Hope this adds to this discussion.