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Topic subjectRE: Ashe indeed!
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23400, RE: Ashe indeed!
Posted by Bambu, Fri Jul-21-00 09:31 AM
That's interesting.. I haven't heard anything relating to the Yoruba people migrating from Eygpt -- I'll read into it (Thank you).
My music? I can't believe you knew about that (shameless sarcasm)?! I just recorded a song called, "Oshun" and I recorded a song for Ogun called "Ironic" (Iron). I'm an emcee. I work with two bands, Jumbalya and Optic Nerve. We're based in Los Angeles, but my Ile is based in Oakland. I'd like to hear some of your stuff. If you get me a mailing address, I'll send you some tapes (or CD's if you prefer). I'm working with a band called Lucy Pearl right now -- hopefully it will all work out -- I plan on bringing Orisha into the Hip Hop world "full-force". I owe it to my Egun.

Bambu Smogwok'r
Watts 2000