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23398, You are welcome!
Posted by Nettrice, Thu Jul-20-00 04:41 PM
I learned a few things from this exchange, too. My study of these religions was intended to prove to myself that there is a direct line or cycle of worship created by my ancestors and spread throughout the world. I want to pass this on to my future children.

I agree that so many of us (Africans in the West) forget to look to the religion of our ancestors and follow some other peoples' beliefs. I think that religion is a part of culture and even though ours was stripped from us centuries ago we now have access to our past.

I am reading "Opening to Spirit" by Caroline Shola Arewa and this book explores spirtual wisdom and myths from West Africa, Ancient Egypt and India. Although her primary focus is the chakra system she proves that there is a spiritual connection between all the ancient religions.

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