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Posted by Bambu, Thu Jul-20-00 08:18 AM
I've been off the board for a minute, but it was good to come back to such responses. Everyone's response was positive -- thank you.
Ifa/Orisha studies is something I hold dear to me, and it is so hard to find others who share the same culture as I.
I'd like to address this: Why do we find it so easy to cling to Chinese, European, and even Egyptian metaphysics and deem it so hard to mention the REST of Africa and it's metaphysics? I understand that during colonialism the majority of the information and respect for the culture was destroyed, but it's still there (as proven by Nettrice, el_rey, and Odu). I like groups like dead prez, but the I Ching is nowhere near as complex and in depth (especially pertaining to the African in America) as African cultural religions. Egypt is beautiful, but Africa is a large body of land, and a beautiful array of people live there with convictions that hold strong in our lives today. The majority of the Africans who were stolen and brought here are from West Africa -- not Kemit. Hopefully my music (shameless plug) will open up this culture that's been swept under the rug (attempted), along with the artists out now that put Orisha in their music.

Bambu (Ogun)
Watts 2000

"...through my shell, I see what the divine'll bring through it..."

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