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Posted by odu, Fri Jul-21-00 03:09 PM
That's why I put "hoodoo" in quotations. It is actually derived from the same source Haitian Vodun is, but it has less emphasis on religious worship and more on herbal healing from what (admittedly little) I know.

Folks should not believe that our ancestral faiths were "destroyed" by slavery, colonialism or anything like that. Of course, Christianity and Islam have made major inroads on the continent and in the Diaspora, but we're a resilient and pragmatic people. When Yoruba Christians and Muslims (my family is Yoruba from Osun State in Nigeria) pray, they call God "Olorun" or "Olodumare." People still see babalawos to hear the odu, and go to the festivals for Shango and Oya etc. What warms my heart as a Harlem World resident is seeing how strong and vibrant the culture and religion still is in the lives of Spanish-speaking folks. And I'm happy that African-Americans don't fear that "voodoo" stigma as much any more.