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23384, tru, but ...
Posted by el_rey, Wed Jul-19-00 08:17 AM
I was under the impression that Lucumi was generally understood as a more unadulterated version of Ifa, and Santeria was a more hybrid creation focusing on the foundations of Ifa, but with more synchronization w/ Catholic saints and rituals.

Also, I'd love to know more about when Santeria became "introduced" into this country? I've heard two things: 1. that puerto Ricans brought it straight from the island; 2. that Cubans introduced it in its current form to Puerto Ricans during a large migration here ...

If anyone is interested in the Music of the religion, I can hook you up with many recordings. I play the bata drums (still studying) and am getting more involved in the community around where I live.

love and respect,
El Rey


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