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Topic subjectCritical/Independent Thinking
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23343, Critical/Independent Thinking
Posted by k_orr, Thu Jul-27-00 04:29 AM

Is what education should be about. You learn that skill, and pretty much everything else lines up after it.

But if I went back to high school here is my dream curriculum

- personal economics - how to make sense of your finances. Not just merely balancing a budget, but understanding credit, leasing vs renting, investing et cetera.

- small business entrepeneurship - how to create your own money.

- a second or third language - which would include an obligatory 3 months abroad for 4 or 5 summers.

- Art - painting, scultping, music,

- effective written communication - I didn't understand what writing was about until I stopped taking english classes. When I had to start writing briefs or research papers, it started to dawn on me.

- philosophy/comparative philosophy - Indeed comparative everything would be tight. Investigate how different folks around the world handle problems that we face everyday.

I could probably think of some others, but those are the ones right off the top of my head.

k. orr
house of phat beats