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Topic subjectGive Ideas 4 New Edu.curriculum.
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23342, Give Ideas 4 New Edu.curriculum.
Posted by colourboy, Thu Jul-27-00 02:45 AM
Uhh yes I posted up the no music in schools and you all helped me out heavinly. But with that I'm hittin the other side i guess you can say. Because as we all the curriculum they give public school kids sucks. I need your help. Once again I say this here in baltimore they have really I mean really put in work for all elemantry school students to ensure a better education. So right now I'm not worring about the little ones as much because what they have done for them and there plans for them. So really I would like to here it for the kids in grades 9-12 and 7-8 as well. All ideas are deeply accepted. It can for just one class/subject or the whole thing. If you need to know more like how or what they are already teaching or whatever. Then hit me up at colourboy@blackplanet.com or leave it here. Thanx and peace out.