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Topic subjectGive Ideas 4 New Edu.curriculum.
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23342, Give Ideas 4 New Edu.curriculum.
Posted by colourboy, Thu Jul-27-00 02:45 AM
Uhh yes I posted up the no music in schools and you all helped me out heavinly. But with that I'm hittin the other side i guess you can say. Because as we all the curriculum they give public school kids sucks. I need your help. Once again I say this here in baltimore they have really I mean really put in work for all elemantry school students to ensure a better education. So right now I'm not worring about the little ones as much because what they have done for them and there plans for them. So really I would like to here it for the kids in grades 9-12 and 7-8 as well. All ideas are deeply accepted. It can for just one class/subject or the whole thing. If you need to know more like how or what they are already teaching or whatever. Then hit me up at colourboy@blackplanet.com or leave it here. Thanx and peace out.
23343, Critical/Independent Thinking
Posted by k_orr, Thu Jul-27-00 04:29 AM

Is what education should be about. You learn that skill, and pretty much everything else lines up after it.

But if I went back to high school here is my dream curriculum

- personal economics - how to make sense of your finances. Not just merely balancing a budget, but understanding credit, leasing vs renting, investing et cetera.

- small business entrepeneurship - how to create your own money.

- a second or third language - which would include an obligatory 3 months abroad for 4 or 5 summers.

- Art - painting, scultping, music,

- effective written communication - I didn't understand what writing was about until I stopped taking english classes. When I had to start writing briefs or research papers, it started to dawn on me.

- philosophy/comparative philosophy - Indeed comparative everything would be tight. Investigate how different folks around the world handle problems that we face everyday.

I could probably think of some others, but those are the ones right off the top of my head.

k. orr
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23344, RE: Critical/Independent Thinking
Posted by illosopher, Fri Jul-28-00 08:47 AM
Yo i know we have had our differences in the past but your idea is tight!
23345, We have differences?
Posted by k_orr, Fri Jul-28-00 10:33 AM
>Yo i know we have had
>our differences in the past
>but your idea is tight!

We're just trying to build a dialog. Every point that you have I make a counter point and vice versa. Communication and sharpening of ones skills.

k. orr

23346, College Prep
Posted by MisterGrump, Thu Jul-27-00 04:49 AM
For the majority of school curriculum's, a college preporatory curriculum should be used. The goal is to supply a solid foundation in english, history(US, World, and any others), mathematics (calculus and below), and the physical sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology/Astronomy). This fills the need of more post secondary educated workers in the workforce.

Also, for this to work for the greater good. A better, safer school environment needs to be available so that the students will have less distractions from learning.
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23347, How Could I forget!!!
Posted by MisterGrump, Thu Jul-27-00 06:46 AM
Classes in Foreign Languages (Spanish, French, Japanese, German, etc).
Marinate on that!!!!!!!!!!!

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23348, READ
Posted by annastesia, Thu Jul-27-00 04:52 AM
The importance of being able to do this is imperative, and there are so many students who can only get by in public with their reading skills.

I'll send you more in an e-mail.


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23349, RE: Give Ideas 4 New Edu.curriculum.
Posted by nappiness, Thu Jul-27-00 07:58 AM
i know that you asked aobut high school but i must say that if they first and foremost need to be properly prepared for high school. the most crucial ages are 0-3 then K, 3, 6......

foreign lang. the brain and the ability to pickup sentence structure, lexicons, phonetic transcription etc...... is when the child is a toddler. waiting to teach a child a foreign lang. in high school is counterproductive.

critical thinking, needs to start at an early age as well.

little things like if a child doesn't know how to spell a word, start them looking the word up in the dictionary at an early age.

computers, although we are in a technological age. i think that computers have become a hindrance for young minds and that they should not be heavily relied upon.

history, all kids need to know the TRUE history of this country.

test taking skills, start preparing kids for taking standardized tests at an early age. there is a method to the madness of standarized test.

man, i can go on and on but i will stop here. i apologize if i went back to k-8 but i think that the foundation is needed here first. and though baltimore is trying to make improvement k-8 there is a long way to go.
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23350, revamped history
Posted by DJ_scratch_N_sniff, Thu Jul-27-00 05:22 PM
teach about colonialism, and have history of the whole world, not just the US and ancient Europe.

Caribbean history - this would be entirely too interesting to keep the dropout rates as high as they are.

history of India, Latin America, colonial Africa, the Pacific, Australia...

and also analyze the European superpowers and their treatment of those countries
23351, RE: revamped history
Posted by MisterGrump, Fri Jul-28-00 05:39 AM
Howard Zinn got ya covered. School districts and Superintendents just need to order his books or ones by his colleagues.

Marinate on that!!!!!!!!!!!

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23352, I agree with Mister...
Posted by guest, Fri Jul-28-00 08:45 AM
I think a little brief with Howard Zinn,Noam Chomsky, maybe Edward Said, would shed a whole new light on history in general. I also believe that critical, independent thought is paramount.
23353, Know what though
Posted by MisterGrump, Fri Jul-28-00 08:55 AM
Fundamentally, how can you use these cats' works to reach/teach the kids. Granted most books used in schools pertaining to Social Studies are "user friendly". They got any of their shit like dat?

Marinate on that!!!!!!!!!!!

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23354, Zinn is my god
Posted by DJ_scratch_N_sniff, Sun Jul-30-00 01:49 PM
nuf said.