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Topic subjectRE: Debt-relief in the Third World
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23248, RE: Debt-relief in the Third World
Posted by k_orr, Mon Jul-31-00 09:21 AM

>as a ugandan I'm interested in
>what korr and eddydon had
>to say..

In essence, the leaders of lesser developed nations want to become developed nations like the G-8 nations.

I am questioning this goal personally. I don't think everyone in the world needs to rock Hilfiger, push a suburban on blades, and run out for the new Harry Potter novel.

I do think we should aim our economies to self-sufficiency and not growth.

But to get to the Us status that so many folks want there have been 2 options.

1. Loans to government
2. Corporate/capitalist involvement in both countries.

Neither of which have brought the masses of people in lesser developed nations to live like members of the G-8. Option 1 has put them in major debt, and Option 2, well I'm sure the others on the board could get you up on corporate crime.

I think it is possible for every country to have the US type of living, but the costs of doing so are great.

k. orr