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Topic subjectDebt-relief in the Third World
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23247, Debt-relief in the Third World
Posted by guest, Mon Jul-31-00 05:53 AM

>should it happen? should it be
>stepped up to cancellation even?
>these questions are of much

as a ugandan I'm interested in what korr and eddydon had to say..debt should be relieved by all means (nobody on either side expects full repayment) but it still remains at a level far above your ordinary person in the sense that african leaders continue to borrow what they can't repay and huge slabs of that money & aid vanish almost as soon as soon as they enter the country.

say, uganda's poorest wouldn't care either way because they saw hardly a cent of that money as it came in..so it's fair to say that they shouldn't have to pay for it's return.

progress has been made with corruption but a few of our politicians have learnt how to play the game..scapegoat the most visibly corrupt, funnel less obviously, shave fractions off fractions of the military budgets, then 'satisfactorily' justify increased spending in the next budget, introduce 'free' education that costs - thus you're percieved as a model nation, deserving off massive debt relief and aid packages.

ah, lemme not be so cynical/pessimistic..we'll see who benefits.


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