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Topic subjectAmerica the "booty"full
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23238, America the "booty"full
Posted by guest, Thu Jul-27-00 08:33 AM
America sure does have it's arm ahead in the imperialistic game of capitalists gains.
It's funny whenever I hear some lame-ass politician (shit, who isnt lame?) say "we're gonna get tougher on crime!"
Shit, anybody who buys into that is a dumb-ass.
AMerica couldn't be any more tougher on crime than it already is, having the highest percentage of people in the world who are imprisoned and having the most number of prisons being built.
All of our money goes to these prisons, and capitalist ventures are investing in them.
You think that money will ever be sent to Africa or Haiti?
Hell f***ing NO!

"Maybe that's why I'm so exhausted
as a revolutionary
I realize I can't save everyone
I'm trying to save myself
and I'm afraid"- Pamela Sneed