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Topic subjectDebt-relief in the Third World
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23235, Debt-relief in the Third World
Posted by Mr_McFeely, Thu Jul-27-00 06:42 AM

should it happen? should it be stepped up to cancellation even? these questions are of much concern.

what do we say as we battle for "democracy" and the "freedom" of capitalism? is that freedom really freedom from responsibility? while africa is dependent on the so-called first world, we continue to live in ignorance. these african countries live in extreme poverty that may never be conquered due to roadblocks and constricting control by the west.

did you know 35 of the world's poorest countries owed $226 billion in 199--less than the U. S. fiscal year 1998 defense budget. 28 of these countries are in africa!

so with countries under heavy debt, barely able to make minimum payments, much less the full amount or the interest, do we have any reason to expect this money back? i did say "we," for we must accept responsibility for the situation, ALL of us. everyday we live relatively pain-free and enjoy much at the expense of our brothers from the south.

the flip side of the coin is that the world is now smaller than ever, and capitalism holds more control each year. we call this freedom from strict government control, yet half of the world is hungry. if it is a capitalist world, isn't it only fair that these countries pay their debts?

well, i don't think we have a flip-side as an option. how will these countries ever recover with virtually no control of their own precious resources, TNC's(trans-national corporations) reign supreme sucking the blood of the sufferers(c) bob, and this debt looms overhead?

should the world let it go? or relieve it little by little?

before u answer...consider...if it is all let go, will things change? will more money be lent? it may not be as simple as that old "give everyone in the U.S. $20,000 and they'll be alright," because we are dealing with molded attitudes, and cultures totally infected with the idea that west=best while is is the west that is the cause of their problems.

what u think?


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