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23195, important historical note...
Posted by spirit, Tue Aug-01-00 05:58 AM
> THe third explaination
>I heard that as descendent
>of slaves, African-Americans are a
>little more brow beaten and
>disenchanted with this counrty, as
>oppose to the Black Immigrants
>whose ancestors were less likely
>to be slaves.

There was slavery in the Caribbean, as well as the U.S. So, it is quite likely that anyone (of color) you meet of West Indian descent is a descendant of slaves.

I think what you might have meant to say was, West Indians lack of experiencing historic discrimination in the States (Jim Crow era) may lead them to be more optimistic about their chances of advancing in the U.S. (whereas black folks with generations of fam on U.S. soil know that back in the day, whites occasionally used to kill and rob us when we became successful, thus possibly dimming the urge to achieve amongst many of our people, even if only subconsciously).

hope that wasn't too wordy...

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