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23194, Good post
Posted by GirlChild, Tue Aug-01-00 04:59 AM
as a west indian, I must agree with you that it definately has to do with our work ethics. I mean, the islands are still considered 3rd world countries to some. We work hard for what we have because we don't have that much. I can remember my father telling me that his father didn't even want them going to school. he wanted them to work because they grew up very poor. For him, going to school was a luxury. He pushes me to do well in school because he never wants me to experience what he did.

also, the schools in the islands are a british based curiculm.They learn at a faster pace than American students. Also the fact the they must take a test to actually pass to the next form (grade) may have something to do with the fact of them trying to excell. I don't know, these are just rambling thoughts and it's still early in the morning and this may not make much sense.
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