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Topic subjectRE: There is only one way to be black?
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23191, RE: There is only one way to be black?
Posted by eddydon, Thu Aug-03-00 01:27 AM
Yeah you can be black and not be cool. but those type of role models aren't "cool." they have to have some type of charisma....pop-culture likes the type of person to have some type of charisma/personality that is interesting. is it may be they are dull and boring or can they make you laugh? some "white" people like blacks who make them laugh and entertain. always smiling, always cracking a joke....people(even black people) aren't ready for a serious African-American or person of color to be serious then they become a threat or fit the stereotypical view.....'pac was right when he said "we ain't ready to have a black president."(if you get my message)

"I try to school these shorties under me/but they can't see from life to death/so know we're back to where we never left/the ghetto/It's a damn shame/knowing it's a man's game/shorty think it's time to make your plans change/all that running around trying to chase whats already here/been there/pops told me to knuckle up/No fear." - Nas