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Topic subjectThere is only one way to be black?
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23190, There is only one way to be black?
Posted by k_orr, Tue Aug-01-00 03:54 AM
>aren't there any role models
>besides entertainers in U.S.A.?

At least that is what we've been told in popular culture for a long time. And when I say pop-culture, I'm not talking about what is jamming on urban radio, but rather the word on the street pop culture.

Even when black folks do things other than entertain, they are still entertaining. Johnny Cochran is a perfect example. He's a dope attorney, but he's known for his flash and not his skills as a jurist. The current Mayor of DC doesn't get a lot of attention because he is the opposite of what Black folks are supposed to be. He's quiet, he's calculating, and he's straight business. And he's not given a whole lot of attention, in light of his predecessor.

Can you be black and not be cool?

k. orr
house of phat beats