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Topic subjectReal role models...
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23189, Real role models...
Posted by eddydon, Mon Jul-31-00 08:18 PM
i feel you k_orr said about role models. especially musically like Bounty Killer in Jamaica with his songs like "Fed Up", "Anytime", "can't Beleive My Eyes", or Fela in Nigeria. These people are role models to me as an African-American. Why aren't there any role models besides entertainers in U.S.A.?
why doesn't Dr. Ben Carson get much love just as Jay-Z?
"I try to school these shorties under me/but they can't see from life to death/so know we're back to where we never left/the ghetto/It's a damn shame/knowing it's a man's game/shorty think it's time to make your plans change/all that running around trying to chase whats already here/been there/pops told me to knuckle up/No fear." - Nas