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Topic subjectThe Black "Jews"
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23187, The Black "Jews"
Posted by k_orr, Mon Jul-31-00 03:07 AM
>I wanted to here what you
>all have to sy about
>this. When I wast
>in college, almost all of
>the Black kids there were
>African or of West Indian
>Descent. There were
>very few Black People Like
>Myself, whose parents and Grand
>Parents were Born and Raised
>in the US. I
>was wondering why out of
>all the Black folk n
>this country, why isthere
>such a disportionate amount of
>West Indian or African Black
>People in Professional Schools.
>Some told me that it
>was because of the work
>ethic of West Indian folks.
> Others told
>me it was because as,
>Immigrants who put so much
>effort to get to the
>States, West Indian and African
>people in this country are
>more ambitious, optimistic and driven,
>unlike African-Americans who really just
>"happen to be" in this
>country. THe third explaination
>I heard that as descendent
>of slaves, African-Americans are a
>little more brow beaten and
>disenchanted with this counrty, as
>oppose to the Black Immigrants
>whose ancestors were less likely
>to be slaves. What
>do you all think?
>"Lyrically Handsome"