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Topic subjectRE: West Indians Vs. American Black Folk
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23184, RE: West Indians Vs. American Black Folk
Posted by eddydon, Mon Jul-31-00 08:06 PM
definately agree. my folks mostly focused on getting an education. they see what America has to offer and take. they also can't figure out why the hell some african-americans won't or do not take advantage of these opportunities. i usually have to explain to them the racism in the country. but the funny thing is that they do know about the racism in this country. my folks don't want me majoring in Economics or Mechanical Engineering, they believe it is a white dominated field(this is where i get angry at them)they want me to become a doctor(yeah right).
why is it some immigrants even black people believe that certain areas are excluded to them and they will never succeed?

"I try to school these shorties under me/but they can't see from life to death/so know we're back to where we never left/the ghetto/It's a damn shame/knowing it's a man's game/shorty think it's time to make your plans change/all that running around trying to chase whats already here/been there/pops told me to knuckle up/No fear." - Nas