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Topic subjectRE: West Indians Vs. American Black Folk
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23180, RE: West Indians Vs. American Black Folk
Posted by guest, Fri Jul-28-00 02:26 PM
I am both West Indian and African, and I can tell you that they are, as you said, more ambitious, optimistic and driven people. All the explanations for the lack of American black folk in college have truth. But as far as black folk being "disenchanted" by slavery, I don't think that is so. Oppression, maybe, but not slavery. The plight of other countries is sometimes more than the trouble here. And as the daughter of immigrants, they see the sugar coated reality of the America(the matrix). They hear that it is the land of the free and are enchanted by it. My parents have told me that the lure of educational opportunity and personal luxury has great appeal among foreigners. They feel that they can accomplish more in the States, than in their own country.