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Posted by illosopher, Fri Jul-28-00 12:15 PM
I think several may play a part in this phenomenon. I think the immigrant thing is important, all immigrants who came to this country on their own accord have a certain work ethic. This is true of Italians, Koreans, Nigerians, etc. Secondly i don't agree with the idea of slavery, cuz, the West Indies were slave holding colonies as well. At the same time, ne can argue we showed our work ethic for over several centuries, a work ethic no ethnic i mean no ethnic could ever boast. Free labor for several hundred years in the building the strongest nation the world's ever known. We as African_Americans have had one of most peculiar ethnic histories in the world. So it isn't fair to compare our plight to anyone else even our West indian brethren who were enslaved (they held on many island that were majority Black and were able to keep many tradions that were lost to us in the states) i think there are many more issues that can be touched. Good Post!