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Topic subjectWest Indians Vs. American Black Folk
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23178, West Indians Vs. American Black Folk
Posted by cpoindex, Fri Jul-28-00 11:28 AM
I wanted to here what you all have to sy about this. When I wast in college, almost all of the Black kids there were African or of West Indian Descent. There were very few Black People Like Myself, whose parents and Grand Parents were Born and Raised in the US. I was wondering why out of all the Black folk n this country, why isthere such a disportionate amount of West Indian or African Black People in Professional Schools. Some told me that it was because of the work ethic of West Indian folks. Others told me it was because as, Immigrants who put so much effort to get to the States, West Indian and African people in this country are more ambitious, optimistic and driven, unlike African-Americans who really just "happen to be" in this country. THe third explaination I heard that as descendent of slaves, African-Americans are a little more brow beaten and disenchanted with this counrty, as oppose to the Black Immigrants whose ancestors were less likely to be slaves. What do you all think?


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