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Topic subjectChuck D said it best....
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23161, Chuck D said it best....
Posted by incogx, Sat Aug-05-00 01:43 PM
“Neither party is mine. Not the jacakss or the elephant.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to vote for the lesser of two evils (Gore), but fact is they’re both evil. I don’t see the benefit in saying that if you’re Black you’re automatically a democrat. But I too was disgusted by the circus black folk who didn’t realize that they were being used as tools and tokens at the convention. Bottom line is we need to be working collectively to make it so we don’t have to choose between the lesser of 2 evils.


If anywon wan reach de badmon --> e me
at (smoovecog@aol.com)


“I never call you my b*tch or even my
boo/ there’s so much in a name and so
much more in you”...Common

“from amistad to amadou, attacked in the
streets/ the term cop really stands for
cappin’ our peeps” ...Tiye Phoenix

“no trees grow in brooklyn/ seeds need
to be planted/ i’m askin’ if yall feel
me & the crowd left me stranded”
...talib kweli

saying being hardline is what it takes/
to take life/ hiding behind your iconic
shield representing cowardice/ we as a
people need to cower less ...Vet

put me in ur corner if u wish/ but i'll
just be makin side notes on how/ f*ckin
is fundamental/ how to get corporate
america to fund tha mentals

“my wallet must be fully loaded/
semi-automatic/ justification of
assassination/ 41 shots licked quick
some miss but...they all hit