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Topic subjectillogical hypocrisy
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23152, illogical hypocrisy
Posted by Expertise, Fri Aug-04-00 03:12 AM
This is one of the most illogical threads I have ever seen in my life. It's like you get on one subject, then jump to another, then jump to another, then go back to the original subject, and then jump to another. Hell I don't know where to start first...

The mere fact that any African-American, or really anyone for that matter, can be considered a leftist is illogical. The mindset of a liberal is one that either doesn't have it all there, is one that is totally naive, one that is illinformed, or simply one that's plain dumb and has no chance of thinking rationally. If anything, it is liberal ideals such as socialism and communism that will destroy this world, not true conservativism. That's why Colin Powell's a Republican. John McCain, yup, conservative. Because they know that the Democrats, or Ralph Nader if you wanna add him (uugh), if allowed their way, would set up a socialist government, which would not only bring America down as the most powerful country in the world, but it would also eventually put this country into recession, even deeper poverty, and tyranny and oppression.

It is absolutely HYPOCRITICAL for African-Americans to complain about the crimes that government has made over the centuries, yet all this same government to have more power and more control over everyone's lives in exchange of our freedoms in the name of liberalism. The left play off the weak minded, and tells them that they are never going to amount to anything, and they will never get a fair chance at life, so what we will do, is make your decisions for you. We'll ban your drugs before you overdose. We'll ban your guns before you shoot yourself. If you're poor, then don't worry about working hard, because what we'll do is take the money from people that actually EARNED it and give it to you poor defenseless, helpless people. Don't worry about your retirement fund, we'll make one up for you. Don't worry about paying for medicine and what not, because we'll pay that too. Education too. Hey, we'll take care of everything, because we are the government. We care.:-) Just as long as you prostitute, I mean vote, for us in the election in November, then all your hopes and wishes we will give YOU!

Meanwhile while you do all that, you have people all on the streets killing each other for a nickel of weed. crime is going up in every city because for some reason, the thugs and criminals didn't listen to the government and didn't give up their guns. Only the law abiding citizens did. Not to mention that now when government fears that I might be the least bit armed, they can raid my house when they want to. Then we have a lazy poor class because they have been spoiled by the government. Well, if you aren't going to get paid more, why work hard? Why excel? Hell I can work at Mickey D's and make $20/hr. Cool. You can get the money out of your retirement fund.....given that you make a certain amount of money, and are as old as the government says you are in order to get it back. Medicine? Well I can only go when government says I can, and I can only get a generic medicine. Education? Ha? What good is education when it doesn't matter what job I get, I'm going to get paid the same amount of money?

Yeah, I'm just like everyone else, but hey, at least I'm SECURE. All black people should thank god for the lovely government that at one time oppressed, murdered, raped, killed, sold people for property, committed atrocities around the globe and discriminated against every creature known to man except rich white people, but now loves us and is going to take care of us for the rest of our days.

Oh THANK you Government!

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