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Topic subjectYour Black: Then Democrat or Nationalist
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23151, Your Black: Then Democrat or Nationalist
Posted by guest, Thu Aug-03-00 08:58 PM
I never seen so many showtime circus negroes in my life in a convention. Even more negroes buck dancing on the Tavis Smiley Show. The Rock even showed up at the Republican Convention. Brian McKnight performed for what. White folks don't know anything about gospel choirs. That why I say if your Black your Democrat or a Nationalist. We got negroes like Fred Brown saying its time to join the Republican Party. He should be shot on the spot. Clinton and Gore have not done no wrong to me.

In one be unified effort lets attack the Black Republicans. Lets join the real true Okayplayer Party National Convention.

Special Note: Many of your Black Republicans are members of Sigma Pi Phi Inc. The Black Boule' founded in 1904 in Philadelphia,Pa by Henry Minton(Before A Phi A). Many of your Black and Greek Letter Organizations are made and controlled by Boule' members. The wives are in Sororities, Eastern Star, Links, Jack and Jill, 100 Black Women, or political positions. Everyone knows that in pg 28 of the Boule' History Book by Historian Charles Wesley he states that Minton said the Boule' would uphold western society and model after Phi Beta Kappa(Honor Society Set by Masons at William and Mary) also partake as tenents of Skull and Bones at Yale University.

So in formula:

Black Greeks follow the Boule' and the Boule' follows Skull and Bones. Skull and Bones are tied to the Roundtable Group(Council on Foreign Relations, RIIA, and Rhodes Scholars) and the Roundtable Group is linked to the Trilaterial Commission. Which are tied to Rockefeller, Rothchild,and Oppenheimer Global Control.

By the Laws of Associate Property:

The Black Greeks and their father The Boule' are under the control of The Roundtable Group.

So this is where the Republican thinking is coming from at the top. The Big Daddy.

Howard University and Fisk U. have the biggest Boule' Archives.

The Boule' is in the Alpha's History Book.

Know lets name the true hard line leadership of the Republican Party. The Fascist Criminals.

Trent Lott: Caught speaking at the Concern Citizens Council.

Newt Gingrich: Still advising.

Bob Dole

Dick Armey

Orin Hatch

Arlen Spector

Jesse Helms: 33 Degree Mason, King of NC. Tried to stop Civil Right Act.

Strom Thurmmond: King of SC. 33 Degree Mason.

The Bush Family: Skull and Bones, CIA, backed the Nazis and Russians.

Last, a large number of republicans both elected and appointed are masons, Skull and Bones, Trilaterial Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Brookings Institute, Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation, IMF, World Bank, Carnegie Endowment for Peace,and Rhodes Scholars.

There is pattern of controlled people and thinking from the same circle. Black people are only spectators at the feast. Just to catch a fart.

Lawrence Otis Graham: Writer Member of the Club and Our Kind of People: The Black Upper Class.

Boule' Member

Council on Foreign Relations Member

Colin Powell: CFR
Kenneth Chenault: Ceo Amex CFR
Vernon Jordan: CFR and Boule and Mason
Jesse Jackson: Omega,Boule',CFR
Kurt Schmoke: Boule' Rhodes Scholar, CFR and Trilaterial Commission.

In closing:

Black Republicans=GOP=Nazis

GOP=Nazis not very different.