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Posted by Expertise, Thu Aug-10-00 09:33 PM
>I'm not a fan of the
>Green Party and I haven't
>studied their platform at length,
>but this idea that they're
>advocating seizure of private assets
>held in banks seemed a
>little outlandish to me, so
>I did check that business
>on the web site you
>gave (thanks) and found out
>that it isn't the monies
>on deposit that they propose
>transferring but the ownership of
>the banks, which, please, is
>totally different. Granted that the
>tax scheme (as you state
>it -- I didn't check
>that part) would ultimately redistribute
>all wealth (assuming that there's
>also a tax on savings
>proposed) but they're not proposing
>to steal your money out
>of the bank. Really.

Here's what the Green Party's Platform states word for word....

* Democratic Banking: Mandatory conversion of the 200 largest banks with 80% of all bank assets into democratic publicly-owned community banks. Financial and technical incentives and assistance for voluntary conversion of other privately-owned banks into publicly-owned community banks or consumer-owned credit unions.

What this means is they are going to take the 200 biggest private banks and turn them into government-run banks, along with 80% of the monies that were generated within the private banks. Now think about it.....government under the Green Party controls the money, controls the tax rate, and controls your income and how much you can even MAKE in one year. What makes you think they won't touch that money? Hell it was only a couple of years ago in which representatives were trying to get a bill passed in Congress in which banks were to be required to report to the government of any out of the ordinary transactions by it's customers. A bill like that wouldn't be necessary because government already CONTROLS the banks. therefore, eventually, all that money is going to be gone, especially for former millionaires. The Green Party has a provision in which to tax all assets in a household over 2.5 million. Good justice there. Hence, you're only going to get what government SAYS you can get.

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