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Topic subjectI have to quote you. Sorry.
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22632, I have to quote you. Sorry.
Posted by HotThyng76, Thu Aug-10-00 11:57 AM

>>6. Make DC a state
>Washington DC is a CITY.
>Why should it be given
>state status? Hell if
>that's the case, make LA,
>New York, Atlanta, Philly, Houston,
>and Chicago state status too.
> As for representation, DC
>does indeed have a representative
>in the House. Maxine
>Waters I think. Don't
>quote me on that.

Maxine Waters represents a section of Los Angeles. DC does indeed have a NON-VOTING representative. It's sickening.

Now, I'm quoting South Park (and Fire)...


Is that yo bitch? (c) Jay Z via Missy.