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22631, Banks
Posted by mke, Fri Aug-11-00 02:13 AM
>Oh my god....banks do not owe
>you a DEBT, a DEBT
>is something owed you due
>to you doing a service
>for someone else.

The money you deposit in a bank is money they owe you. It is a debt.

>are servicing YOU by allowing
>you to store YOUR money
>in the bank.

No, you are servicing them (see below).

>only debts in that collaboration
>is the charges put onto
>you by virtue of you
>storing your money in the
>bank. The bank is

Do you know what banks do? They don't store your money in some big warehouse. You surely know this, a conservative/facist, but banks use your money to make money. They invest in many different types of things. Some, not all, are highly reprehensible.

The thing I wonder about is, if banks make money off of our money, why do we pay them anything at all?

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