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Topic subjectRE: again, with your uneducated attempts to talk
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22628, RE: again, with your uneducated attempts to talk
Posted by Expertise, Thu Aug-10-00 02:01 PM
>do not have the same opportunities
>as the US because the
>do not have the same
>learn something.

Who's fault is that? Who's fault that their production is low? Who's fault is it that they can't gather raw materials? Their own. Not ours.

>FURTHERMORE, seizing bank assets is not
>"stealing your money." The
>money these banks have is
>not "your money" they owe
>you a debt (THAT is
>your money) as they are
>contracted to you (when you
>deposit, you loan them money,
>which may or may not
>be paid back in interest
>depending on the type of

Oh my god....banks do not owe you a DEBT, a DEBT is something owed you due to you doing a service for someone else. They are servicing YOU by allowing you to store YOUR money in the bank. The only debts in that collaboration is the charges put onto you by virtue of you storing your money in the bank. The bank is a STORAGE, not a payment center, and you can get that money out whenever you want according to the agreements you and the bank agreed upon. Therefore, it's not just the banks assets that they are getting from their fees, but your assets too.

>The money seized is the assets
>controlled by this bank.
>Join a credit union and
>see the difference between a
>bank that is using you,
>and a bank-esque service that
>is helping you.

I know what a credit union is, and I have an account at one. However that still doesn't take away the fact that you're actually giving the government an excuse to take your money. That's really sad.

>Oh, and Expertise...
>>Eliminating the Senate gives states like Rhode Island, Idaho, Montana, Vermont, and Delavare a fair voice in government.

That's nice. However, you know what I said, but since some people might be to slow to understand, I will rephrase it.....

ESTABLISHMENT of the Senate gives states like Rhode Island, Idaho, Montana, Vermant, and Delaware a fair voice in government.

Now....agree or disagree?

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Some of you still think America's a
democracy. Lemme break it down for

* Democracy:  Three wolves and a sheep
vote on the dinner menu.
* Democratically Elected Republic: Three
wolves and 2 sheep vote on which sheep's
for dinner. 
* Constitutional Republic: The eating of
mutton is forbidden by law, and the
sheep are armed.

The United States is a CONSTITUTIONAL
REPUBLIC. Not a democracy.