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Topic subjectagain, with your uneducated attempts to talk
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22627, again, with your uneducated attempts to talk
Posted by guest, Thu Aug-10-00 10:37 AM
your poster-countries for "communism" (which, of COURSE, represent the ideology, and not that country, right?)

do not have the same opportunities as the US because the do not have the same RESOURCES or PRODUCTION base. learn something.

FURTHERMORE, seizing bank assets is not "stealing your money." The money these banks have is not "your money" they owe you a debt (THAT is your money) as they are contracted to you (when you deposit, you loan them money, which may or may not be paid back in interest depending on the type of account).

The money seized is the assets controlled by this bank. Join a credit union and see the difference between a bank that is using you, and a bank-esque service that is helping you.

Oh, and Expertise...

>Eliminating the Senate gives states like Rhode Island, Idaho, Montana, Vermont, and Delavare a fair voice in government.

You said it, not me.