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Posted by krewcial, Thu Aug-10-00 08:48 AM
>have every right to make
>and achieve as much as
>you want to as long
>as you aren't defrauding or
>engaging in criminal activities.

Which means Shell, Nike and plenty of other companies shouldn't pay their personnel, since they get a big part of their money through illegal activitiest, such as sweatshops, bribing/financing local governments and/or armies ... ?

>That's not an American right,
>that's a HUMAN right.

Let's discuss the human rights of people working for Nike in Indonesia.

>Noone should be able to
>take away your right to
>pursue life, liberty, and property
>without just cause.

Oh, so you agree with me ?

>If you
>make the rich poorer, then
>the whole country is poorer,
>not richer.

Incorrect. If you redistribute money, the country will still be as rich, it will only be distributed in another way. Plus those less-poor people can now consume more, which means businesses will flourish.

>The country
>can only, and repeat only
>be as successful as it's
>highest achievers. If the
>achievers aren't doing anything worthwhile,
>then pop quiz hot shot...what
>makes you think the lovest
>achievers are?

>If you
>would bother looking at communist
>and highly socialist countries, you
>would see that.

Could you give me some examples of what you consider to be communist/socialist countries ?

I know none today, except for Nicaragua during the short Sandinista period and Cuba some time ago.

>in most countries our "poor"
>have more money and luxuries
>than a majority of their

Oh oh. 29 year olds die of the flu in your country. I've seen pics of people's bedrooms in the Bronx that remind me of Third World (hate the term) countries.

>And there is
>definitely more opportunity in this
>country than any other in
>the world.

Yes, FOR A FEW. Or 'minority', as you would call it. At the expense of a majority, both in and outside of the US.

>Because technology is advanced by
>achievement and motivation. THAT
>is the reason why this
>country is on the top
>of the food chain, and
>others aren't. It's called
>COMPETITION. It's what keeps
>this country going.

It's called abusing a monopoly and crushing any alternative, by taking taxpayers money, and lack of any democratic control

>Man some of you guys really
>need clues....

And you need to travel ...




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