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Posted by Expertise, Thu Aug-10-00 12:17 AM
Alright now lets go with the breakdown....

>1. Every household with 4 members
>get $500/wk, $26,000/yr

Geez. People there is a reason why it's called money. It is to be traded between two different parties through a common service. It is NOT to be simply given away like it is pieces of paper. This causes inflation of the economy, and for the family complacency. If government is going to pay me for downloading some kids, why work?

Reason #2 is further below.

>2. Guaranteed right to a job,
>medical care, lifelong education, child
>care, and housing.

Nothing but feel good ideas. All these things REQUIRE MONEY for it to be done. Just to give one person all these things could cost over $100,000 or more a year. Imagine 250 million?

>3. Minimum wage raised to $12.50

Hello, it's called a MINIMUM WAGE. That means bottom of the barrel, lowest of the low, etc. What does that mean? Well, if the minimum wage goes up, that means standard of living goes up too. You might not understand now, but when you go to McDonalds and a happy meal for a kid costs $10.00 then maybe you'll understand. Anybody that has moved from the city to the country and vice versa understands that when you live in a place where you generally get paid more, that means everything else costs more. All raising minimum wage does is hurts the poor even more, not helps because they are going to have to come up with more money to live.

>4. Work week cut to 6
>hrs/day, 30/wk.

Great way to decrease productivity. Alot of people already work more than 40 hours anyways. All this is going to do is make overtime hours higher, therefore the company is going to cut back in order to make it's budget. Who you think is going to go first? YOU. Whether its in hours, salary, or simply labor itself.

>5. Eliminate the US Senate

You people need to read your history books. The Senate provides more accurate representation in Congress. If there was only the House, I hope you live in California or New York, because those are 2 of the only few states where your representation would actually count. Eliminating the Senate gives states like Rhode Island, Idaho, Montana, Vermont, and Delavare a fair voice in government.

>6. Make DC a state

Washington DC is a CITY. Why should it be given state status? Hell if that's the case, make LA, New York, Atlanta, Philly, Houston, and Chicago state status too. As for representation, DC does indeed have a representative in the House. Maxine Waters I think. Don't quote me on that.

>7. Governmental break up of the
>top 500 companies in the
>US. No company or corporation
>is allowed to control over
>10% of their respected market.
>Companies are allowed only by
>federal charter, and must be
>renewed every 20 years.

This has got to be a tie for the craziest idea up here (the other is below). First of all, government has no business in the private sector other than to control fraud and unfair business practices. That's it, that's all. Second, when you punish people for succeeding, you hurt motivation and achievement. What motivation is there when once you're able to achieve 10% of your market, the government is going to break it up? Third, this whole thing would reek of bribery and corruption. You think big business is bad now? How about when dirty money is being placed under the table to spike the revenue of a business to the federal government? How about bribes being taken in order to ensure "democratic" approval of a company charter? Last but not least....IT WILL DESTROY THE ECONOMY!!!! It takes MONEY to break up a company. Ask Microsoft. It takes TIME to make up the new companies out of the old one, because time is money and if you ain't making money you are wasting time. You got to do this to 500 of them?? Then the company will be less efficient, because they will have to go to outside sources in order to gain supplies and contacts. Therefore, they aren't going to make that much all together separately as they would under one conglomerate. That's more costs, with less revenue coming in. That means the economy suffers.

>8. Every enterprise that has over
>10 workers may elect their
>own management and supervisors.

It's a COMPANY, not a GOVERNMENT. Great way to add more conflict and turmoil between workers and personel. Not to mention that corruption word again. People don't mind doing dirty favors in order to keep their jobs.

>9. Governmental seizure of the top
>200 banks in the US,
>which includes 80% of the

What in the living hell? Okay, I've read some of these posts that you guys have made already, and here's what I'm hearing..."Well, it's okay for government to go into my bank and take the money I earned and keep it for themselves." WAKE UP!!! I cannot actually FATHOM meeting any of you dimwits that actually believe this is a good idea. You're actually willing to allow governemt to steal your money. There are actually more life-forms like you guys in this world???

>10. All income over 10X minimum
>wage ($12.50/hr) shall be taxed
>100%. Hence, according to the
>Green Party guidelines, no individual
>is allowed to make more
>than $195,000/yr. And that's gross
>income, not net.

Now tell me, what gives government....or any other person for that matter, the right to tell you how much you can't and cannot earn and achieve? If I am working my ass off, and by virtue making money, what gives the Green Party any kind of right to say, "Well you are making enough money, so we are going to take the rest." You have every right to make and achieve as much as you want to as long as you aren't defrauding or engaging in criminal activities. That's not an American right, that's a HUMAN right. Noone should be able to take away your right to pursue life, liberty, and property without just cause. And it's absolutely stupid that people actually believe in this garbage in the name of the poor. You're not helping the poor do nothing but stay poor! If you make the rich poorer, then the whole country is poorer, not richer. The country can only, and repeat only be as successful as it's highest achievers. If the achievers aren't doing anything worthwhile, then pop quiz hot shot...what makes you think the lovest achievers are? If you would bother looking at communist and highly socialist countries, you would see that. Hell in most countries our "poor" have more money and luxuries than a majority of their population. And there is definitely more opportunity in this country than any other in the world. Why? Because technology is advanced by achievement and motivation. THAT is the reason why this country is on the top of the food chain, and others aren't. It's called COMPETITION. It's what keeps this country going.

Man some of you guys really need clues....

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