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Topic subjectRE: 10 Reasons to Vote Nader
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22623, RE: 10 Reasons to Vote Nader
Posted by spirit, Fri Aug-11-00 08:20 AM
>Because to think that democracy can
>actually cover everyone and give
>full power to the people
>is unrealistic.

Depends on what you mean by "full power". Everyone of voting age who hasn't been convicted of a felony can go to the polls and elect a representative.

Arguably, with telecommunications, certain large scale issues could indeed, in the near future, be voted on by the entire populace. But the many many minor votes that Congress must make to run the country? I think it would be too difficult to have direct democracy as relates to the multitude of minor issues.

>>The American people should have reasonable
>>control over the public lands,
>>public media airwaves, pension funds,
>>and other societal assets which
>>the public legally owns, rather
>>than having these public assets
>>controlled by a powerful few.
>Substitute public for GOVERNMENT. The
>GOVERNMENT should have control over
>the GOVERNMENT lands, media airwaves
>controlled by GOVERNMENT,

Ahem. I urge you to read a little about the Communications Act of 1934. The airwaves do not indeed belong to the body politic, the public, NOT the government. Public lands I don't know much about...

pension funs,
>and other societal assets that
>the GOVERNMENT legally owns.

The public owns (or should own) pension funds too...at least the part of the public that pays into each individual pension.

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