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Topic subjectRE: 10 Reasons to Vote Nader
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22622, RE: 10 Reasons to Vote Nader
Posted by guest, Thu Aug-10-00 10:30 AM
1. Every household with 4 members get $500/wk, $26,000/yr

ending poverty? what a bad idea!?

2. Guaranteed right to a job, medical care, lifelong education, child care, and housing.

Ending suffering? what a bad idea!?

3. Minimum wage raised to $12.50

Ending poverty part II, what a bad idea!?

4. Work week cut to 6 hrs/day, 30/wk.

i'm a work-champ, so i like to work alot, but if it can be voluntarily waived...

5. Eliminate the US Senate

The US senate is controlled by rich white men who cover up the fact that they like to pay large black male prostitutes to give them blowjobs (i'm buggin... no disrepect to senators...)

6. Make DC a state

why is this bad? how about LET DC be a state.

7. Governmental break up of the top 500 companies in the US. No company or corporation is allowed to control over 10% of their respected market. Companies are allowed only by federal charter, and must be renewed every 20 years.

It's called Anti-trust, "expertise"... expertise in WHAT!?

8. Every enterprise that has over 10 workers may elect their own management and supervisors.

QUITE democratic, though perhaps problematic

9. Governmental seizure of the top 200 banks in the US, which includes 80% of the assets.

BANKS ARE BAD NEWS... early US used to oppose banks, until banking cartels got bankers elected. Credit Union's are where it's at, but the banking industry sued the US government to stop credit unions from getting new members.

Credit Unions are non-profit banks. Credit Unions have better services, lower or no fees, higher interest rates, better loans, nicer employees, than ANY BANK IN EXISTENCE.

nonprofit can't work? please...

10. All income over 10X minimum wage ($12.50/hr) shall be taxed 100%. Hence, according to the Green Party guidelines, no individual is allowed to make more than $195,000/yr. And that's gross income, not net.

interesting. it counters limitless income dream of hyper-capitalism, but still secures monetary gain as a motivator. Possibly b/c of inflation. prices will go up without price controls, and eventually $200K might not be that much. But price controls are sometimes problematic... except if you look at eggs and milk--that's not problematic. Hmm...


Oh, and Expertise...

>Democracies only protect the majority.
> But what about the
>minority? What about the

how very socialist of you.