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22620, goodbye
Posted by krewcial, Sun Aug-13-00 01:59 PM
>>So the only alternative to the
>>institutionalised press is hearsay and
>>gossip or lies ?
>You haven't given me anything to
>think differently.

You're obviously not open to anything but the usual propaganda. When reality differs too much from what you've been taught as 'truth', you deny it. You don't substantiate or explain why, you just say it's too different from what you've been taught.

You're not willing to question your beliefs. I could give you all the alternatives in the world, you'd write all of them off as lies, hearsay or left wing bs.

So be it.

>Well, yanno, I wasn't actually there
>when the travesties happened, so
>when I have CNN, along
>with other sources come up
>with the same opinion, then
>chances are I will believe
>them or at least find
>some kind of truth into
>what they are saying.
>Especially if I find that
>the sources are credible and
>the conversing view isn't.

Exactly what I said. You don't substantiate 'credible', you don't question their business structure or the reason why they all might say similar things.

Everything that follows now, has already been said by you numerous times, without any evidence. All you do is repeat slogans.

All you've done in every singe reply of yours, is talk ignorant, bourgeois, selfish, ivory tower rhetoric.

You really must like sucking dick, considering the amount of swallowing you've done so far (that's the battlecat in me).

Think that's harsh/rude/way out of line ?

I think stuff like this is even worse :

>Native Americans are free to leave
>the reservations. I know
>a couple that have done


>Never heard
>>of shipping harddrugs on purpose
>>to gettoes ?
>Personal responsibility. If you offer
>me drugs does that mean
>I have to take them?

>>I'm not saying reality says they
>It might show they do, but
>that's not the ideal way
>to handle it, especially how
>Clinton has constantly been using
>the country's defense for simple
>humanitarian missions.

You have no sense of history, nor understanding of the world. Not even of the US. Sad.

THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CLINTON. It could be any ignorant person (yes, you'd make a very good candidate).

It has everything to do with capitalism and its current form that is being pushed down people's throats.

>>'Glass ceiling' is a socialist fabrication
>>right ?
>Socialism makes the glass ceiling even

I love how you actually proove your point by substantiating and elaborating on this.

>More government control and democratic (mob)
>rule means more oppression on
>the minority, whether in racial
>or gender terms. Tell
>me something, if this country
>was fully democratic do you
>1. Slavery would have been
>abolished in 1865?
>2. Women would have been
>given the right to vote
>in 1922?
>3. The Civil Rights Act
>of 1968 would have passed?
>4. The Voting Rights Act
>of 1964 would have passed?

If there had been democracy, slavery wouldn't have happened, women wouldn't have had to 'wait' for their right to vote ...

That's not the point. The subject is today's situation, which you lack any understanding about.

>Actually, I don't think the Kosovo
>conflict, or the Iraqi bombings
>had anything to do with
>protecting American interests.

On the Iraqi bombings (very clearly linked to US impact/influence in the Middle East AND oil) :

>Money is a possession,
>in which you have no
>right to take from me
>and freely give it to

I have a
>right to VOLUNTEER to give
>it to someone, but you
>have no right to take
>it away from me, whether
>you feel I am contributing
>to exploitation or not.

This commie bastard is still gonna do his best to do so, though. That's my right/choice, as you so nicely put it.

>should the majority be given
>prescedence over the interests of
>the minority? What if
>the majority wins 51% to
>the minorities' 49. You
>mean to tell me that
>majority agenda should be held
>in higher consideration?

Today it's more a 20% minority controlling an 80% majority. Sound a lot better indeed, especially for you (thinking you're part of those 20%).

>Let me remind you that you
>as an African-American are a

What makes you think I'm African-American ?

>Are you willing
>to be oppressed by a
>white agenda, especially in areas
>in which the issue is
>parted between racial lines?

No, that's why I'm trying to extricate myself from white male privilege every single day.
You should try the same, after washing your face from having it up your ass the past 22 years.

>Well then tell me what is
>your definition of a majority?

'majority' = the 3/4 of the world population being exploited today, through economical and military pressure/terror, plus the people in so-called 'developed/industrialized' countries forced to be a part of this against their will.

>That's YOUR view of democracy.
>Once again, you don't know
>if that is the majority
>view of democracy or not.
> All you are doing
>is assuming. Dreams.

Just keep assuming that you and the rest of your proud conservatives are the majority.

I hope you never have to wake up.

> I'll be back later to answer the rest

Never mind, I'm through with you. There's no more sense in debating with an impolite, arrogant, fascist person.




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