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Topic subjectRE: 10 Reasons NOT to Vote Nader
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22607, RE: 10 Reasons NOT to Vote Nader
Posted by k_orr, Wed Aug-09-00 11:12 AM
>>1. Every household with 4 members
>>get $500/wk, $26,000/yr
>could you elaborate on this one?

The federal poverty guideline for a family of 4 is about 23K. So it's pay raise.

>>2. Guaranteed right to a job,
>>medical care, lifelong education, child
>>care, and housing.
>Yeah, what kind of jerk would
>want people to have that.
>Universal healthcare and child care
>for poor people ... no

What do they mean right to a job? Is he talking about prisoners?

>>3. Minimum wage raised to $12.50
>Its a living wage. Thats good.
>Unless you want to see
>the income gap continue to

But when you raise the minimum, everyone making 12.50+ now needs a pay bump.

On the flip, American productivity has increased by at least 5 fold in the past 10 years, but Ameican paychecks have not done the same.

>>4. Work week cut to 6
>>hrs/day, 30/wk.
>not sure about this one...

Why not? It's pretty common in Europe.

>>5. Eliminate the US Senate
>Well, thats a little strange...

Maybe we only need one body of legislators.

>>7. Governmental break up of the
>>top 500 companies in the
>>US. No company or corporation
>>is allowed to control over
>>10% of their respected market.
>>Companies are allowed only by
>>federal charter, and must be
>>renewed every 20 years.

I don't see how this could be implemented or enforced. What happens when you invent the market? Do you have to sell your idea to 9 other people? Like let's say I come up with a new technology like anti-gravity. Do I have to share my labor with everyone?

>>9. Governmental seizure of the top
>>200 banks in the US,
>>which includes 80% of the

>I'm not sure, but it sounds
>pretty good to me. However,
>this is getting nearer to
>communism which I definetely have
>no problem with but a
>lot of people do. (propaganda)


>>10. All income over 10X minimum
>>wage ($12.50/hr) shall be taxed
>>100%. Hence, according to the
>>Green Party guidelines, no individual
>>is allowed to make more
>>than $195,000/yr. And that's gross
>>income, not net.
>again, ite is trying to get
>rid of the income gap.
>200 grand is a lot
>of money anyways

200 grand = 132,000 after fed taxes. This doesn't include gas, state income, municipal, or state. And folks make 200K ain't living like folks who make 20K.

k. orr